Thursday, 31 January 2013

What a delivery!

On our daily trek out to the block today, we noticed that during the day we have had a major delivery! So very exciting!

The brick colour is PGH Vanilla. We are having natural mortar raked.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Wild weather and wow!

What a wild weekend! It was Australia day on Saturday, and what is usually a wonderful weekend of weather, turned out to be one of the wettest weeks of this summer! We received 25 inches of rain yesterday afternoon, so I decided to venture out to the block and see how the build fared with the wild wind and rain! Wasn't I surprised when I saw this...

They actually worked today! It was raining this morning when I left for work, but not at our estate apparently! Looking good!

Friday, 25 January 2013

Well it's the end of the working week

Can't believe how much has happened this week, on Tuesday I was thinking just the frames would be up. Now we have frames, windows, bath supports, roof rails, sarking and tiles awaiting to be laid sitting in piles on top of the roof... Still can't believe it has started.

Yesterday I started deluttering my home. Oh my goodness, I can't believe how much linen I have! I have a tiny linen at the moment and decided to get rid of some sheet sets, doona covers, bathroom mats that won't go in the new house. I have kept towels and tea towels thinking I may use them to wrap my dinnerware and glassware in.
I also packed all my winter clothes to move, here's hoping we move in before May, otherwise I will be going cold. Lol
J and I took eight bags to the clothing bins tonight. We did munchkin's wardrobe before Christmas but we didn't cull any toys then. Can't believe how much I have accumulated in the 12-13 years in this house. Great time though to declutter and donate to those more needy.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Love our SS(site supervisor)

We just emailed him to ask what stage does the sarking go up, as we noticed our roof tiles have been delivered, and not 1 minute later he replied... Tomorrow the roof tiler will install. How's that for a quick response! Communication with EB at all stages has been fantastic- no complaints at all. I like how we have been in the loop the whole journey!

I just didn't want the sarking to be forgotten, a fellow house builder had majority of their roof tiles on before they questioned it. They had paid for this as it wasn't standard. Our sarking is included as part of the standard inclusions from Eden Brae. I know when we were thinking of building with M it was an $3000 upgrade. If  you are thinking of building with EB I would highly recommend them!

Our dream is coming along...

Daily update pics
Windows at the front
Windows left hand side

Rear windows

And look what was delivered this afternoon... Roof supporting rails are up!  Roof tiles look like they will go up next week... So very exciting!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

More progress...

Gutters and fascia up 
Garage to the left, front porch centre and study to right, far right master bedroom windows
Fascia side view, that's just our garage

All frames and trusses are erected so this afternoon we received our frame bill.
We need to pay this before sarking, batons ( I think they are called.,. Roof timber that tiles stick to) and roof tiles. They anticipate windows tomorrow! Praying for good weather and roof files next week. Bricks the week after that.

Oh and .....Look what was delivered this afternoon.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Another progress report

Our SS rang today informing us he was back from holiday and just to inform us on what's happening. He indicated that he anticipates the frame to finish up today, fascia and gutter on tomorrow and windows will arrive on Thursday and will hopefully go up then. The roof will be laid before the bricks next week.

Later in the day he rang, to let me know the plumber came today to do a rough in and there were problems with the placement of the cavity door and the bath mixer tap. It has to go at the bedroom wall end. The cavity door presents a bit of a problem with the plumbing. He was wondering if he could move the wall where the toilet was to allow for the cavity slider to go in. I consented but was really quite please with this as the more I thought about the house I was concerned about  the half wall near the toilet. It would be gyprock only, not tiled, and I could envisage wet towels getting placed over the wall, it getting marked and damaged, as well as later in life struggling to bend down and clean the dust bunnies in the corner. Lol The cavity slider really replaces the necessity for privacy with this wall. A win- win really.

I went out to the block this afternoon to look at the progress, and the head carpenter happily showed me what the changes were to the ensuite and asked if I had any more questions. I didn't. LOL  The changes have been made already so they could continue and we will have to sign a Pcv to reflect this change.

Whilst I walked along the outside of the fence, I noticed our gutters and fascia have been delivered. Monument gutters and paperbark fascia... Can't wait to see them up.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Furniture shopping....

We have decided to take advantage of some of the furniture sales happening at the moment. Last week we saw a bed head, dresser and side tables that I loved! J found some lounges that he loved. Today we went to nick scali and Brescia to see what they had that was comparable because they both have 50% off selected styles... Lol not the ones we liked though...

Anyway we bought a new bedroom suite... King size mattress and base and bed head, two bed side tables, and a dresser with a mirror...Just like this! The bed has a under the bed storage drawer- a place for all those decorative pillows to go when we go to sleep. Lol Can't wait to sleep on it in my new house! Also got 2 sheet sets, mattress protector... Just need a new quilt and quilt cover...

As for lounges, since the ones we liked for the rumpus aren't on sale we will wait six weeks or so to order them as they take 12 weeks to order. Very excited!

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Tradies back on site

I drove out to the block last Monday night hopeful work may have started back after Christmas, but no such luck. Went out later in the week again, to find the site still the same way.

This Monday I was feeling a little bit hopeful that work would recommence... A drive out on Monday night again saw the site at a standstill. Since the weather was a bit nicer yesterday (Tuesday) I thought they may have again started back and went for another fruitless drive to our block.

Well today I had no intentions of driving out to the land it is 37 degrees it here, and definitely thought since they weren't here yesterday, they wouldn't be again, but L and I went out for lunch and he was determined to look at the block. We were having lunch three streets away so we may as well I thought.... Wasn't I surprised to see this when I pulled up....