Thursday, 25 October 2012

Kitchen,bathroom and wall colours

Just realised I never shared my kitchen, bathroom or wall colours. I went into home option gallery back in July before we signed our contract and looked at the standard range for essastone bench tops for our kitchen bench tops. We had the choice of 20mm New Cairo or Sable Lux. I wanted a neutral kitchen and selected New Cairo. That just left the cupboard door colour. I took lots of samples home and in the end selected Pumice in a natural finish.

For the wall colour, I selected Taubman's Endure paint in Pebble Bay... All wood work will be in Pebble Bay Quarter strength.

As I have said before I went to DIlorenzo a couple of visits before selecting the bathroom bench top and cupboard colours. I wanted to have an idea of the overall look. So I selected my tiles first, and them started to think about the squareform bench top colour. In the end I choose Platinum Micro squareform for the bench and Smokey Sapelle with the lines running vertically for the cupboards in both the bathroom and ensuite. The tile has been discontinued but I think the tiles I have chosen will still look great with this selection. 

Monday, 22 October 2012

Lighting for main living areas

I am stuck for ideas for the lights in our entry and multi. I will also need one up the hall outside the niche. I am considering this style for the living, family and meals area.

Which do you prefer? Top or bottom?


Patiently waiting for some info from EB... Our approval is on the local council website... Waiting to hear what happens next... I'm not very good at waiting lol

Friday, 19 October 2012

ACC received and DA check to begin

Very excited, received the authority to commence construction from the bank this week and sent it off to EB. Signed all PCVs - we needed to raise another one to allow our own independent inspector to do his inspections. So today we sent back the letter so they can start the DA check. Can't wait to see red pegs on our block, watch this space for a photo!! Hope it's soon!

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Lighting for the bedrooms

I have been thinking about the lighting for our bedrooms, I was thinking of a special light for the master, maybe something like this

And for bedrooms 2, 3, 4 and kids room, something like this...
Still pondering the lights for the living, family, dining, multi, entry... Our rumpus will have dimmable downlights.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Some lighting ideas

Before our electrical appointment we went to beacon lighting and had a look at some of options for lighting.

These pendants are what we are thinking of using for above the island bench. We will also have 2 downlights in the ceilings and 2 under the bench downlights for our over head cupboards. That will hopefully make my kitchen well lit!

Flooring pcvs... Admin nearly finished

We got the pcvs for our carpets today... Just over $3990 for the upgrade... I didn't realize we are having nearly 150 square meters of carpet in our dream house!! Tile upgrades to the bathroom and ensuite total just over $350.  They are our final variations... One stage closer to construction! Just waiting on the bank now for the in at Eden brae again to sign off on all final plans and we should be then in construction!!

Friday, 12 October 2012

Floor selection for the dream house

We will be having this mosaic as a feature in the bath and ensuite.
 This is the floor tile for our bath and ensuite.
The plain tile on top (below) will be our main tile in the bathroom.
This dark tile below will be our kitchen splash back colour.
Our main floor tile and carpet... The lovely Ecofresh carpet by Godfrey hirst.

I was disappointed when I arrived at DL as I had already been on two occasions and selected the tiles, the laminate for the bathroom was then selected on with my tile preference in mind, and then when we HAD to choose the tiles, they had discontinued my original selection... A bit of a dilemma, but in the end, here's what we picked...

Upgrade from plumbing appointment

We were pretty satisfied with the taps, basins, bath and toilets that came as standard with EB. We did upgrade to double towel racks for both bathrooms, and J fell in love with the idea of a rainwater spout for the ensuite whilst I prefer a removable and adjustable hand held shower. The compromise was an additional $450. Can't wait to try it out!

Some pics from electrical appointment

Yeah!! I just figured out how to post pics to blogger using the iPad.... I have been a bit lost the last few months without the laptop.
These are some pictures from the electrical appointment...

Our strobe light and internal siren... The sensor in the pic was an upgrade.

our key pad... We also upgraded to get key fobs to remotely turn the alarm on and off.
We upgraded and organized a door bell to be installed. Our button is the silver one.
Here are our slimline switches and power points.

Land changes

Love visiting  It regularly updates its maps unlike google maps. Anyway here is our block over time.

 Our block is at the top of the new road and left of the house in construction.  Can't wait to see a picture of our house in construction next to it.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Getting closer to construction...

We have been very busy the last month... Electrical, and flooring appointments are done, and nearly all pcv's are finalized. Prior to our electrical appointment, I had gone to beacon lighting, and priced some lights that I was thinking of using that helped me work out how many light points I wanted. We also went to the display home and did a walk through thinking about placements of powerpoints,  tv points, light switches and 2 way switches. I think this helped with our electrical appointment. We managed to get all our electrical choices. It was $6400 but we are getting dimmable downlightsin the rumpus, normal downlights in the kitchen, more alarm sensors, door bell, a few more cat6 data points and a tv antennae in that price as well. We will provide all lights except downlights and they will put them in for us...another less hassle after handover!

We got our fly screen, melamine shelving, external gas points, privacy door locks quotes as well and signed off on them.  These were raised in the colours appointment.

When we went to DIlorenzo, the tiles I had picked in the previous 2 visits to DIlorenzo were discontinued... This threw a spanner in the works as I had already chosen laminate to the bathroom and ensuite based on those tiles. What we ending up choosing was a plain coffee latte tile and a mosaic strip to go down the wall in the shower as a feature. This added a upgrade as labour for laying mosaics is extra. We choose floor tiles for the main areas of the house, kitchen and laundry splash back tiles.

We then met to go over our carpet for the house. I was happy to go with a standard carpet until I saw the standard underlay... Very flimsy and I could see it wearing out very quickly. I knew we would have to upgrade it, otherwise we would need to replace the carpet within 7 years.  J then asked about upgrading the carpet... We ended upgrading to a Godfrey hirst ecofresh carpet in peppercorn. It has a lifetime guarantee for stain resistance and 25 years guarantee against wearing. We went to the top of the range upgrade for underlay which compliments this carpet.

We have signed off on our 3d drawings of the kitchen, bathroom upgrades, electrical upgrades, all that is left is the flooring pcv's and the ACC from the bank.

We got our quote back from abbey blinds, and have paid our deposit, so the blinds will go in before we get the keys... I can't wait!