Tuesday, 26 February 2013

All happening on the inside

The last few weeks have been slightly frustrating. I know work has been carried out, but it's all happened inside. We had an inspection with our Ss last Friday and got to see the work first hand, all air con ducting has gone in, aerial and data points, powerpoints too. They have marked the slab where the air con vents will go. The cavity slider is in.

On the outside they have had a massive clean up, bricks cleaned and the eaves are up.

Work as completed the 20/02/2013

Today when I drove past, I noticed the insulation is in the process of being installed and our gyprock has arrived... NO rain please!
House as of 26/02/2013

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The best gift of all

I love our house. Whilst its just bricks, roof tiles and timber frames at present, a lifetime of memories will be made under its roof that are priceless. I am sooo excited tonight as I see it taking shape as our future home.

Our SS emailed tonight informing us of tentative dates... We have lockup inspection next Wednesday/ Thursday and he anticipates overall handover the 14th May... Wow!!

My mum gets to go out during the day and speaks to the tradies, the electricians were there most of today... But when I get there after work, the gates are locked and I can't see beyond the fence... Here are some of the brickwork... Looking good!

Love the front facade! Can't wait to see the driveway, front door and entry lights!

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Nearly bricked up....

Have had a very busy week at work... I have still managed to drive out to the block though every night except I haven't had time to post.

I am thinking the bricks stage might be finished Friday, if not they will definitely be finished early next week.. They just have to do the window ledges on three of the sides and finish the front, plus pillars for the entry and alfresco...

I think it is looking good... They have also placed the gas, rainwater for the toilets and laundry, and hot water for the whole house... They have cut out the space for the bath in the main bathroom too. Been very busy builders this week.
The back of the house.
The side of the house... Most of that wall is garage.

View of the front through the fence... Sorry it's the best pic I can take at the moment.
The alfresco and other side of the house...
It's definitely taking shape!

Monday, 4 February 2013

Brick by brick...

Thank goodness for some sunshine today, this meant the brickies could start... Can't believe how much they got done in one day... I was just expecting a couple of rows.