Tuesday, 30 April 2013

PCI day

I was very excited, I hoped to get lots of photos but spent a lot of time looking up and down the walls and ceiling in lots of various angles to see if I was happy with paint finishes. Opening and closing windows, switching on and off lights, opening and closing door and drawers. Checking everything with a fine tooth comb.

End result.... Very happy with the quality finish of our home.
Our ensuite! Love the long mirror,

Our shower but the rainwater head is there but the hand held shower point is missing. I didn't notice, lucky Jeff was turning on and off the tapes checking water flow. 

My bedroom light again, this time with carpet... The walls look a funny colour in this light in this picture  but it's the same colour throughout the house.

Our formal lounge room... Love this light I have a Bali water feature with a thick bamboo screen planned for outside that window.

This is my only concern - I dont know if you can notice it, but we have three joins in the carpet in this hallway. This is a major traffic area... our bathroom and main toilet. I want this redone in one piece!

My little munckin playing in his bedroom whilst we had PCI. I forgot that school didnt go back until Wednesday!

My kitchen - so love this! Looks like I just got home from shopping... LOL One of the pendants got broken... They have replaced it, but will be installed the same time as the oven goes in.

My fanaway... we have these in the bedrooms and kids rumpus room.

Friday, 26 April 2013

Nearly at the finish line

We are nearly there. PCI booked in for Tuesday. Cant wait to go in and spend some time in my house!!!

Whilst its so close, its so hard to stay away from the house, all I can think of is all the stuff that needs to be done when we get the keys...

Turf... I sent our plans out to a couple of companies to quote on preparing the ground and laying turf for our block, but no quotes yet!

Clothesline... I might hold off buying this until we move in.

Letterbox... We have a pallet and a half of bricks leftover, ideally I want a brick letter box, I asked our SS could I get someone in to do this before we get the keys, but no... Will just have to wait!

Security screen doors... I lined up a few quotes when we move in. Imagine my surprise today when one of them turned up at my block and waited for me to get there. My SS was here and he apparently asked him if he could go through. I was actually scared because I was caught onsite on Monday and didn't want to jeopardize the final weeks... So glad we got quote $1200 cheaper than EB! That's for invisgaurd trilock screen door powder coated to match my woodwork for the front. Stacker sliding door in the invisiguard and two more sliding doors to match my windows. So glad he quoted, I know one cost I am up for post handover.

Landscaping... I have quite a few ideas but will have to wait post handover for quotes.

Howard Ryan surprised me tonight, originally he was going to do his inspection tomorrow but was in our area and completed it today. His report puts my mind at peace... Love the colour photos as a reference, he didn't pick up any major issues, just paint work that needs touching up. I will use this as my reference on Tuesday at PCI. I am glad we got it done as he even crawls in our roof cavity... I wouldn't have done that LOL Rest assured its all as it should be.

And with PCI comes the final invoice we also received this today... It has our Building Variation for the comm box... We asked the bank would they issue the amount as a cheque for us, they will but not include the $220 variation, so we contacted EB, they will not take personal cheque only cash or credit with a surcharge... 

I also took advantage of the Target sale today, got the little man and I some winter Jammie's but also two cushions for his room, it's going to be a grown up boy's room in the new house...some towels for his bathroom, some sheets for the spare bed, can't find a quilt cover I like yet. I also bought some new accessories for the bathroom and ensuite... New toilet brushes, new soap dispensers and toothbrush holders. I have written a wish list for furniture... I'm going to concentrate one room at a time... Which one to choose LOL

So very excited, I hope this time goes quickly!

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Driveway done

When we pulled up the landscapers were just about done, they were sweeping the special sand that when wet is like glue. So I asked them if they could put the garage door down so we can see the house in daylight when it's down... They happily fulfilled my request.

They mentioned that a few people came and went today. I noticed my doorbell was in... So I think the electricans came back... Hopefully they finished some of the work that was left to do.  Bring on Tuesday 9am!

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Happy days

We have resolved the issue of the alarm and it's NBN compliance... HSI have worked it out... We have upgraded to a cabinet in the garage to protect the NBN equipment from dust and dirt.

As much as I was excited to see the portaloo arrive on our site, it is still just as exciting to see it gone... The end is getting near. I have booked removalists. I have two tentative dates... Hopefully we can go ahead with the first preference but do have a back up plan.

I am getting quotes for turf. I highlighted a copy of our house on the block with measurements and sent it off to a couple of places. Hope to hear from them soon.

And they started the driveway today... Not a good photo, the sun was not in a good spot. I will try to get there earlier and get a better one tomorrow!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Had a busy few days... Trying to organize quotes for the security doors. I am hoping the fence will be down in early May so we can have some done. It will take 3 weeks or them to be made and I would like them in as soon as possible.

I have arranged for outback landscaping to give us a quote  for landscaping...also in early May.

Also arranged for the connection to the NBN... All set for when we should be moved in. But this has also caused frustration. Since I was talking with Telstra about our needs. They alerted me to the fact the alarm we are having installed as part of the inclusions in our essential package is probably not NBN compatible. Upon further phone calls, this is the case. HSI is giving us a quote to upgrade it, but this is not acceptable to me. Upon tender presentation EB knew we were in a NBN estate, our electrical appoinment were aware we were in an NBN estate. We upgraded data points and alarm features: extra sensors, remote keyfobs, but also a phone point to the unit so that we could have back to base monitoring. This is the problem. It is not NBN ready for back to base monitoring. upon emailing EB they referred me back to the electrical consultant for an upgrade. I am not going to pay for this upgrade. EB and HSI were aware of our needs and did not advise upgrading at the point of needing to. I have escalated this to management as I do not think we should have to pay for the lack of communication and advise. We were not given spec sheets for our included alarm, so we could question  the specifics. An alarm is included in our contract. We upgraded thinking that it would cater for our needs. At the time of the appointment we were shown sensors, strobe lights, internal alarm siren and keypads. We should have been advised here it needed upgrading for our requirements.  At present the "included" alarm plus our upgrades does not meet our requirements. And to think we could have moved in to discover this? EB will give me a decision by Friday.

On a happier note, I could see through the windows wire shelving in our wardrobes.. The linen press doors were open but I couldn't see the shelves. I just wasn't tall enough. In our front bedroom windows I was suprised to see my reflection... The mirrors must be in.. Can't wait to see if our ensuite mirror goes right to the edge of the wall.

And  our pavers were delivered! A busy week and it's only hump day!

Friday, 12 April 2013

The things we do

I desperately tried to leave work in daylight hours tonight so I can get a decent photo of the front of our house with the garage door on. But when I got there the fence was secure and with the garage door up!! What the...

I was desperate to see if we have any work completed inside today, so I walked the perimeter of the fence. Our bedroom windows are probably neck level... I'm short lol, so to get a better look I stood on the bases of the security fence and heaved myself up so I could see inside...the lengths we go to, to see progress lol

Anyway I could see the handles are on our doors! I saw the bedroom door handle and the linen press handle. No pics as I didn't have a free hand lol

Thursday, 11 April 2013

I don't like daylight savings over

I struggled to get to the block tonight in daylight hours... And just my luck the garage door I have waited on since Monday was delivered today and installed....

I think the neighbours must think I am weird because I parked as close to the fence forward facing with my headlights on high beam to get this photo... Can't wait to see it in daylight hours, hopefully tomorrow.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Another sneak peak..

Front pillar lights

Taps in the ensuite

Shower head in ensuite

Not to forget the toilet lol

Bath is in too, but it needs a massive clean up before I post that picture. I can't wait for the next site  clean up... That might mean we are close to being in too.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Electrical sneak peak

There have been so much action on site this week... Here are some sneak peaks...

Master bedroom... 
Air conditioning vents in too...

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Some pics from this week

Just wish I could see more from the inside... I know work is happening but I just can't see it! :(