Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Happy days

We have resolved the issue of the alarm and it's NBN compliance... HSI have worked it out... We have upgraded to a cabinet in the garage to protect the NBN equipment from dust and dirt.

As much as I was excited to see the portaloo arrive on our site, it is still just as exciting to see it gone... The end is getting near. I have booked removalists. I have two tentative dates... Hopefully we can go ahead with the first preference but do have a back up plan.

I am getting quotes for turf. I highlighted a copy of our house on the block with measurements and sent it off to a couple of places. Hope to hear from them soon.

And they started the driveway today... Not a good photo, the sun was not in a good spot. I will try to get there earlier and get a better one tomorrow!


  1. Hi Van, we are also in NBN area and have phone line connection with the alarm seems like I am going to face the same issue. Do you mind telling me about the solution electrical people offered you. Thanks

  2. None really... I really didn't find them that helpful in the end. I am still not satisfied with how my NBN set up is, I shouldn't have all the wires in my study like I do. But that is the way the house is wired up, and I will need to have the whole house rewired to have the original way I wanted.

    I should have left the NBN out of my contract. NBNco and Telstra would have done all the wiring and connection and the setup telstra provides powers the whole house.