Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Happy dance

Garage pic on Monday.

Garage today... Painters have started!!!!!!!

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Gate unlocked!

Tradies made a mistake today... I was worried about the security on the site and did a perimeter walk around the build, everything was secure and no damage evident! Thank goodness! i would hate the site to get vandalized now we are so close!

Anyway couldn't help myself and took two pictures of what I can see through the windows.
Our kitchen cupboards in!

Our ensuite!

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Happy mail

I love opening emails with these screenshots from the SS. I managed to edit the shot to remove personal details. Even though we are locked out, I can still see the progress...

Our timeline so far

According to our screen shot from our SS, we are 16 days ahead of the build... I won't post that screen shot as too many of our personal details are on it, but here is the screen shot of the journey so far. This week kitchen bench, laundry tub, range hood and tiles should get delivered.

I hope to make an appointment for next week, so I can go through and see the insides. I soo want to see it come together.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Love love love Jeff!

My gorgeous man had the day off today and arranged to take my mum and his dad to the block. Our Ss accompanied them. Here are the pics he took!
My walk in linen... We upgraded with the extra 2sq promotion at the time and I added it into the linen, rumpus, kids area and alfresco. Look at all that space.... My gorgeous man got this promotion all because I wanted a bigger linen press... Now do you know why I love him?

The waterproofed main bathroom.

Our living room.

Shower in the ensuite and our bath in the ensuite.

Front door on...

Very excited to see my front door on tonight when I drove past on the way home from work... Can't wait until my partner gets here! He had the day off work and took my mum and his dad through with the Site Supervisor! And took photos for me! Yeah!!! I walked along side the fence and saw doors on the bedrooms. Unfortunately the pic I took has too much reflection.... Will have to wait until can meet with Ss and go through myself!

Saturday, 2 March 2013

What a surprise!

It's the second day of autumn and the cold wet weather has already arrived. After picking up master L, I detoured past the block. Tradies were at the site and let me in... They were plastering the joins in the gyprock from what I can gather. I snuck in and took some photos...
Master bedroom

Kitchen... Fridge space to left, pantry behind Master L

Under the alfresco.... Rumpus to the left, meals area behind

 The front, only just noticed the down pipes in.

I will have to inspect the exterior next time and see why the downpipes all look like and placement.

Orders, orders, orders

I think the lighting is all sorted and I have organized delivery of the lights ready for the 1stApril. Our ss has indicated that these will be installed the following week. So at least I will have them in on time, I hope.

We have also ordered the sofa for our theatre room. The decision process also took several weekends and lots of visits to furniture stores and home maker centres.  I have short legs and I am short, my partner is the opposite so what was comfortable for me, wasnt always comfortable for him. It also took a lot of looking to decide on the style, originally we were looking at recliner home theatre modular settings  but because of the size of this room we eventually decided on 2x three seaters that reclined witha matching ottoman.

We found the perfect sofa at sofas 2 go. The Monaco. It is leather but choosing a colour from their extensive range was challenging. In the end sofas 2go let me borrow some leather swatches and I went to DIlorenzo and looked at our carpet selection to assist in the decision making process. I would have preferred taking the carpet sample to the sofa place but DIlorenzo weren't agreeable. We ordered the chocolate leather. This was J's original choice but I thought it may have been too dark, however, the other colours would have made the room too brown, or the colour too close to our carpet colour. I will just have to think of what accent colour I will add to this room now. Lol The  lounge willbe ready in 12-14 weeks, can't believe we willbe in our house then.
This is the Monarco with the chaise, just imagine it without and in chocolate...

I have lay byed towels for the ensuite, sheets and mattress protectors for our new kind size bed. Ordered a quilt cover in King size and a woolen insert, hopefully I will be able to pick those up this weekend.

Abbey blinds will be out during the week to measure for our blinds, and we have paid them the 50% deposit required for them to start.

I am excited about moving in, but feeling very overwhelmed thinking about packing up my current house. Busy times ahead!

Bathroom and outdoor lighting selections

I have spent many hours on many weekends choosing the lights for our home, as well as the lights in the previous post, we will have some DIY lights for the wardrobe, toilet, laundry and hall near the other bedrooms, unfortunately I didn't get a photo of those.

For our bathrooms, the standard fitting from EB is a 3 in 1 heater light, I find this doesn't give good light for putting on makeup and have ordered some mirror lights.
For our ensuite as our mirror is the full width as our double basin. This is longer than the next light fitting for our main bath.

Below is similar to the standard in the bathrooms.

For outdoor, I choose a sensor light to go in the corner of the garage, I hope it will light up the driveway and also the bin area. I choosecream because it will go up on the eaves.
In our alfresco these will be mounted on the walls either side of our stacker door.

To go on either side of our entrance on the pillars, I selected...
And for the ceiling of the front door and alfresco...

Behind the scenes

In preparation for moving in, we have ordered the lights from Beacon lighting. I posted styles in my earlier posts for internal. We have the 4 pendant lamps for over our bench in the kitchen, as well as downlights, and under bench lighting. I am hoping that the kitchen will be well lit.
 For the meals, living and family room, I choose this...

 In our rumpus / theatre room  we are getting dimmable downlights.

For beds 2,3,4 and kids room...
The Evo Fanaway

And in our master bedroom this...

The multi room is have a pendant like this...
In the entry we will be having a large round pendant like this...