Saturday, 2 March 2013

Bathroom and outdoor lighting selections

I have spent many hours on many weekends choosing the lights for our home, as well as the lights in the previous post, we will have some DIY lights for the wardrobe, toilet, laundry and hall near the other bedrooms, unfortunately I didn't get a photo of those.

For our bathrooms, the standard fitting from EB is a 3 in 1 heater light, I find this doesn't give good light for putting on makeup and have ordered some mirror lights.
For our ensuite as our mirror is the full width as our double basin. This is longer than the next light fitting for our main bath.

Below is similar to the standard in the bathrooms.

For outdoor, I choose a sensor light to go in the corner of the garage, I hope it will light up the driveway and also the bin area. I choosecream because it will go up on the eaves.
In our alfresco these will be mounted on the walls either side of our stacker door.

To go on either side of our entrance on the pillars, I selected...
And for the ceiling of the front door and alfresco...


  1. Hi There,

    Did you just get your electrician to fit these after handover or did the builders electrician install them for you?

    I am loving your blog so far!!


  2. We paid EB to put our selections in... It was an additional $40 per fitting. Well worth the convenience and about the same cost to call out an electrician to do. Best thing, you don't have to waste time post handover waiting for the electrician to come and then wait whilst they install.