Saturday, 2 March 2013

Orders, orders, orders

I think the lighting is all sorted and I have organized delivery of the lights ready for the 1stApril. Our ss has indicated that these will be installed the following week. So at least I will have them in on time, I hope.

We have also ordered the sofa for our theatre room. The decision process also took several weekends and lots of visits to furniture stores and home maker centres.  I have short legs and I am short, my partner is the opposite so what was comfortable for me, wasnt always comfortable for him. It also took a lot of looking to decide on the style, originally we were looking at recliner home theatre modular settings  but because of the size of this room we eventually decided on 2x three seaters that reclined witha matching ottoman.

We found the perfect sofa at sofas 2 go. The Monaco. It is leather but choosing a colour from their extensive range was challenging. In the end sofas 2go let me borrow some leather swatches and I went to DIlorenzo and looked at our carpet selection to assist in the decision making process. I would have preferred taking the carpet sample to the sofa place but DIlorenzo weren't agreeable. We ordered the chocolate leather. This was J's original choice but I thought it may have been too dark, however, the other colours would have made the room too brown, or the colour too close to our carpet colour. I will just have to think of what accent colour I will add to this room now. Lol The  lounge willbe ready in 12-14 weeks, can't believe we willbe in our house then.
This is the Monarco with the chaise, just imagine it without and in chocolate...

I have lay byed towels for the ensuite, sheets and mattress protectors for our new kind size bed. Ordered a quilt cover in King size and a woolen insert, hopefully I will be able to pick those up this weekend.

Abbey blinds will be out during the week to measure for our blinds, and we have paid them the 50% deposit required for them to start.

I am excited about moving in, but feeling very overwhelmed thinking about packing up my current house. Busy times ahead!

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