Tuesday, 30 April 2013

PCI day

I was very excited, I hoped to get lots of photos but spent a lot of time looking up and down the walls and ceiling in lots of various angles to see if I was happy with paint finishes. Opening and closing windows, switching on and off lights, opening and closing door and drawers. Checking everything with a fine tooth comb.

End result.... Very happy with the quality finish of our home.
Our ensuite! Love the long mirror,

Our shower but the rainwater head is there but the hand held shower point is missing. I didn't notice, lucky Jeff was turning on and off the tapes checking water flow. 

My bedroom light again, this time with carpet... The walls look a funny colour in this light in this picture  but it's the same colour throughout the house.

Our formal lounge room... Love this light I have a Bali water feature with a thick bamboo screen planned for outside that window.

This is my only concern - I dont know if you can notice it, but we have three joins in the carpet in this hallway. This is a major traffic area... our bathroom and main toilet. I want this redone in one piece!

My little munckin playing in his bedroom whilst we had PCI. I forgot that school didnt go back until Wednesday!

My kitchen - so love this! Looks like I just got home from shopping... LOL One of the pendants got broken... They have replaced it, but will be installed the same time as the oven goes in.

My fanaway... we have these in the bedrooms and kids rumpus room.


  1. Congratulation on your PCI.
    House looking good.

    1. Thanks Vatche! I hope your build won't be too far behind!

  2. Looks absolutely gorgeous- Love it!!!!!

    1. Thanks, we can't wait to move in!