Thursday, 7 February 2013

Nearly bricked up....

Have had a very busy week at work... I have still managed to drive out to the block though every night except I haven't had time to post.

I am thinking the bricks stage might be finished Friday, if not they will definitely be finished early next week.. They just have to do the window ledges on three of the sides and finish the front, plus pillars for the entry and alfresco...

I think it is looking good... They have also placed the gas, rainwater for the toilets and laundry, and hot water for the whole house... They have cut out the space for the bath in the main bathroom too. Been very busy builders this week.
The back of the house.
The side of the house... Most of that wall is garage.

View of the front through the fence... Sorry it's the best pic I can take at the moment.
The alfresco and other side of the house...
It's definitely taking shape!

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