Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Dream Suburb

J and I bought land on June 9 2012 at Harrington Gardens.

We were originally looking at established houses, but nothing out there was perfect. I knew what I wanted, an area for L, an area for J and an area for me. 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, double garage and not on a main street. In the end we took advantage of the stamp duty exemption by buying land and building.

So this is where the story starts - Lot 112. The block was fairly flat, had no easement, and we knew that on out northerly east side we would have a single story block as the neighbours had already started building.

We orginally decided to build with a different builder, but after several hesitations we changed. Mainly the layout of the design was not exactly the best use of the land, and we were alterating it a lot... more $$$

When I went through the Eden Brae display home I was impressed. The sales person gave me the options list up front, so I knew exactly what was upgraded. The layout was perfect - 4 bedrooms, space for L, J and me, a linen press and a pantry - both walkins. Best of all the alfresco and laundry were at the back of the design so it would use the block the best.

When J walked through the house - he loved the entry door, high entry ceilings and double door to the master bedroom. He like the bath in the ensuite, and the alfresco area.

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