Saturday, 28 July 2012

Tender presentation and Brick Selection

We were very happy with our tender presentation... slab was classes as M but will require some extra piers or something like that so the  funds allocated to the H class slab will be put towards that.

There were two questionable items - Landscape plan prep $705. Seriously we dont need this for our developer and I hope to have this removed and secondly they wanted to charge up $1400 to have a bushfire report done. I am in the process of following this up, because our 149 certificate from council and the map from Council  signed by NSW Rural Fire both say we are not in a bush fire prone area.

Overall though very happy and no real surprises.

Today we went to PGH bricks and selected our exterior colours Bricks Vanilla, Roof tiles, Barramundi, Gutters, garage door monument, Fascia Paperbark, Window trims - woodland grey... still deciding downpipes either paperbark or monument....

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