Saturday, 11 August 2012

Contract signed

Another day in at Eden Brae... We looked over our plans, only modification we made was to the shower niches. I wanna be able to have my Pantene shampoo pump bottle in that space.  We also saw that we had cladding on the outside at the front of the house but we didnt want that, so we had it removed. Here are our plans and elevation pics

Next step for us Colour and Kitchen appointment on the 7th Sept, Electrical and Flooring on the 5th October!!

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  1. Hi there,

    Great blog! We're looking to build the Hawthorne 31 in the coming months, we have to wait on the land we want to be released and then we are good to go. We have modified a few things on our design also but obviously, nothing is set in stone until we have the land!

    I look forward to watching your home be built.
    Warm regards,