Monday, 9 September 2013

Three months has come and gone

Eden brae sent us a letter the week our three months was up... We had been compiling a list of things we wanted rectified. It was really just cosmetic stuff.

We made the appointment for the maintenance  when it was convenient with our work. The guy didn't look at our list wanted to see all the things we listed no matter how trivial. We worked room by room. Whilst  pointed them out he took notes on his laptop and then took photos.

In our ensuite we have a semi frameless shower. There is a strip on the bottom so water doesn't come out of the shower... This is split. They never used to put this on the showers the man was saying but so many people complained about water escaping the semi frameless shower that Stegbar started putting these on. He will replace no worries.

There are some paint touch ups that we have since notice and when my range hood was flued post handover they didn't seal it around the gyprock, so that will also get done.

It was very efficient, allow for over an hour. At the end, you go through the report generated, use a stylus to sign on the screen. Our inspector emailed us later that night with the report and when I looked at the EB portal, it was updated with our jobs. EB don't actually do the maintenance, another company do, and they will contact is within ten days. I will let you know when this is... Hopefully by the end of this week.


  1. So, how did the maintenance service go?

  2. Maintenance was all complete after 14 days... I forgot a section in the laundry I wanted doing, and when I phoned them to say my mistake, the painter returned within an hour. Very efficient... The Stegbar people gave us extra of the plastic strip so we can replace ourselves when needed. Very happy with the after service from EB.

  3. Hi Van,

    I was wondering if you have paid Eden Brae to draw up a landscape plan - it is about $800 or did you get someone else to do it for you.

    Thanks in advance

    1. We didn't require EB to give us a landscape plan for our estate, so we removed it from our tender... At the end we had four landscapers give us quotes. We selected the landscaper who matched our vision and was in our budget.

  4. It didn't cost anything for the quote. But like I said we didn't need a plan for our estate.