Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Landscaping nearly complete... Progress shots.

Our landscaper has been on site for just over a week, and it is now looking a big more like a garden I will enjoy. He has to come back tomorrow and finish the top of the letterbox, tidy up the pavers and do a general clean up. I can't wait to take more photos as the plants develop and grow and I add my own personal touches.
Front retaining wall and garden

Close up of garden bed with paver edge
Feature tree. Dwarf magnolia little gem. With feature lighting... It's the little silver light thing in front. The pipe behind it will be cut down to garden level. Its from the storm water, something or rather.

Lastly our clothesline is finally up, a slab for our shed in the corner, and some plants around the edges. I will take some photos of the paved areas later in the week.


  1. Hi Van, how much did it cost you for the landscaping and who did the job for you. thanks

    1. Brad from Brally landscapes did our landscaping...

  2. Hey Van, just wondering the OC that you get is Interim Occupation Certificate or Final one? I heard you could only get the Final one after the landscape is completed...

  3. We got the full occupation certificate before even paying our final payment at settlement. So no, you don't need to do landscaping.