Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Landscaping commenced!

I was so excited this time last week to see our landscaping supplies arrive, but it has taken a week of preparation to see them laid and the beginning of what our end result will look like.
Pallet of 400x400 Adbri European Prague pavers

Pallet of front retaining blocks

And here is what they look like laid out front with our letterbox in progress. I am  still deciding what goes  on top... Slate look tile or sandstone.

Driveway getting extended... We should now fit our cars comfortably on the driveway.
Our alfresco paved and extended...


  1. Nice . looks like you guys have a big backyard. We r also going to build with eden brae Hamilton 31 just the other side of peter brook road just opposite the proposed park. I think I have been seeing your house driving by a few times. Congratulations

    Any suggestions with eden brae experience. Cheers

    1. Good luck with your build. We had a very pleasant experience overall with Eden brae... So happy in our new home.