Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Another progress report

Our SS rang today informing us he was back from holiday and just to inform us on what's happening. He indicated that he anticipates the frame to finish up today, fascia and gutter on tomorrow and windows will arrive on Thursday and will hopefully go up then. The roof will be laid before the bricks next week.

Later in the day he rang, to let me know the plumber came today to do a rough in and there were problems with the placement of the cavity door and the bath mixer tap. It has to go at the bedroom wall end. The cavity door presents a bit of a problem with the plumbing. He was wondering if he could move the wall where the toilet was to allow for the cavity slider to go in. I consented but was really quite please with this as the more I thought about the house I was concerned about  the half wall near the toilet. It would be gyprock only, not tiled, and I could envisage wet towels getting placed over the wall, it getting marked and damaged, as well as later in life struggling to bend down and clean the dust bunnies in the corner. Lol The cavity slider really replaces the necessity for privacy with this wall. A win- win really.

I went out to the block this afternoon to look at the progress, and the head carpenter happily showed me what the changes were to the ensuite and asked if I had any more questions. I didn't. LOL  The changes have been made already so they could continue and we will have to sign a Pcv to reflect this change.

Whilst I walked along the outside of the fence, I noticed our gutters and fascia have been delivered. Monument gutters and paperbark fascia... Can't wait to see them up.

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