Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Tradies back on site

I drove out to the block last Monday night hopeful work may have started back after Christmas, but no such luck. Went out later in the week again, to find the site still the same way.

This Monday I was feeling a little bit hopeful that work would recommence... A drive out on Monday night again saw the site at a standstill. Since the weather was a bit nicer yesterday (Tuesday) I thought they may have again started back and went for another fruitless drive to our block.

Well today I had no intentions of driving out to the land it is 37 degrees it here, and definitely thought since they weren't here yesterday, they wouldn't be again, but L and I went out for lunch and he was determined to look at the block. We were having lunch three streets away so we may as well I thought.... Wasn't I surprised to see this when I pulled up....

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