Thursday, 23 May 2013

Bathroom pics

We picked the same colours for bathroom and ensuite. Platinum micro for the benches and smoky sapelle for the cupboards. I love the standard inclusions with Eden brae.
Heater lights come standard as well as caroma basins, baths and toilets.

We upgrade our bath to the next length up... You can stretch out and soak... Best thing is we have two of them, one in the main bath and one in the ensuite. 

We also added the fluro bar light above the mirror to assist with shaving and applying make up.
We upgraded to floor to ceiling tiles in the shower. Niches are standard with Eden brae, and so is the hand held shower rail. We increased the height of the niche but not enough. I really wanted to put my pump size bottle of Pantene shampoo and conditioner in the 


  1. Hi 1sttime,

    Sohnaeo here, looks great :) . I dropped you message about the oven glass cleaning, not sure you didn't get or not?

    1. I did get it, but I hadn't cleaned the glass until now, and gee isn't it hard to remove the marks... It will let you know what works...when I find a good solution.

  2. Could I please ask a q.. what was your standard niche and what did you change it to?
    Eden Brae has told us that our niche will be 90mm deep, 1100mm width x 270mm wide.
    Would you by any chance mind giving me the codes of your bathroom tiles? I can't see floors very well on these pics, but in your other blog the floor tiles looked grey? or did you change your mind? :)
    Love you bathroom!
    Did you upgrade to the large mirror? and do you recall the cost? Seems standard are 2 small mirrors.