Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Handover from Eden Brae

I have been so busy, I forgot to share with you our handover day.

We went through the house at 9am with our SS Paul, checking to see if all PCI items had been completed and any other niggling problems... All was good. Griffin air were in before our SS got there and since it was a brisk morning, we turned the air con onto heat. It warmed up the  place in under5 minutes and was super quiet I didn't even know it was on.

The appliances were due to get delivered in the morning and so went on our merry way up to Bella Vista to hand over our final cheque. When we got there our lovely CSA Katherine had us read and sign some documents. She explained the warranty process and our handover folder. Yes you get a folder full of information on everything!

We were given key rings and a big white box with a black ribbon bow.

We wandered to our little hideaway cafe that we visited each time we went up to the head office or HOG and enjoyed lunch before trying our new keys in the door. 

We received the final occupation certificate the day before in the mail from the Local group. So we decided to drive straight to the council and organize our bins. They arrived the next morning.

We didn't need to open our door with the key as when we pulled up, the house was busy with  electricians installing our antennae, plumbers connecting the hot water and dishwasher. More electricians doing the alarm adjustments,and fixing up our light fittings that we had them install. As the appliances didn't get there until lunchtime. The electricians were there until about 7pm, and they needed to come back the next day again as they didn't bring dimmable downlights as  per contract.

9am the next morning the electricians were in and out. I had my dad line my drawers and cupboards with the Ikea drawer liners. I initially bought 14, but needed back up support to go get 10 more rolls the next day. It took my dad about three days to measure and line the ensuite, kitchen, pantry and bathroom shelving. Gee it looks good and will keep everything looking like new.

So what's inside the box....
Two cotton bath sheets, a hand towel, washer and bath mat.


  1. A Big Congratulations for your new key rings that have the keys to your home.

    It looks lovely and elegant.

    Hope you enjoy it for a very long time.

    1. Thanks Vatche! You won't be far behind me!